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Cara Verifikasi Data Keikutsertaan ANBK

Friday, June 3, 2022 | June 03, 2022 WIB Last Updated 2022-06-07T10:44:59Z

One of the problems of madrasa schools after the introduction of ANBK is the verification of national assessment participation data. It is based on Ministry of Education Education Standards Circular No. 0047/H4/PG.00.02/2022, Curriculum Assessment Agency (BSKAP). The letter is dated January 8, 2022. ANBK Data Verification Date 2021

As quoted in the RakyatPos.ID circular, the Ministry of Education was asked to immediately confirm the completeness of the AN participation data via After verification, approval and completion of this national assessment data, BSKAP members will be registered by January 31, 2022, February 12, 2022.

The BSKAP 2021 ANBK Data Verification article states that each school must complete it immediately.

Cara Verifikasi Data Keikutsertaan ANBK

If you want to check, make sure: Submit the data through ANBK National Assessment.

What ANBK data should be verified?

What needs to be done is that in 2021, data on all madrassas and schools participating in the ANBK will not have to be tested. Verification of data provided by the customer or other persons for the purpose of providing data or data relating to ANBK with the amount provided by the system.

In madrasas, for example, ANBK participants are open to 27 students, but with a system where the number of successful respondents to the assessment is 26 students for the literacy assessment and 26 students for the evaluation. Thus, there is a difference between the number of protocol participants and the "number of respondents sent".

Schools and madrasas that differ in the number of participants sent by the assessment results should be investigated. And if necessary, you will have to redo the missing participant data again.

How to Review ANBK Participant Data

If you are able to verify the data, you can shuffle the data in the "Student Verification" >> "Student Data" menu.

If you want to add data to the number of attendees column, you must take steps to verify the difference in the number of responses, to confirm the data. On the other hand, if the page only displays a blank page, this means that the data does not really need to be used as leverage.

The steps for verifying data access are as follows:

  1. Open the ANBK page at Log in with your school username and password
  2. It is the "Confirm student" menu, the "Explanation" sub-menu that must be understood
  3. Open the “Student confirmation” menu in the “Student information” submenu
  4. If you are looking for student data, your data should be verified. Fill in the blanks by clicking on each column.
  5. Select it, click the "Save" icon

Cara Verifikasi Keikutsertaan AN

Filling in the "Confirm" column of the "Explanation" sub-menu means selecting the following options:

For schools and madrasas you can use online:

  • Absent (if the participant is not present in AN)
  • Not implemented (if the training unit does not implement)
  • Implement (if Ministry of Education is implemented by Ministry of Justice)

Follow the semi-grid.
  • Restart / Not restarted (if you do not operate or restart, data is still missing, data access will be open from January 31 to February 12, 2022)
  • Absent (if the participant is not present in AN)
  • Does not implement (if the training unit does not implement the NA)

In addition to using ANBK attendance data, the data should be verified by the headmaster of each madrasa school, teachers who complete the learning environment survey. This is the next article from RakyatPos.ID on how to verify data for SLB Principals և Substitute Teachers .

OK, depending on each madrasa will open their respective ANBK pages to check the status of their madrasa: there may be an article on how to check ANBK attendance data to solve.

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