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Asesmen Kompetensi Guru & Tendik (AKGTK) Kemenag 2021

Saturday, June 4, 2022 | June 04, 2022 WIB Last Updated 2022-06-07T10:44:59Z

Magg's North Competent Teaching and Educational Staff (AKGTK) reopened in 2021. Earlier, in 2020, Hate Degler Young Seeler's guitar mellitus Essen Teacher Competence (AKG), Assamese Competitive Dangala Kela.

Confirmation of information of potential participants and implementation of AKGTK 2021 of the Ministry of Education has been provided through a letter dated October 27, 2021 from the Director General of Education and Culture of the Ministry of Education. Letter B-3786.1 / Dt.I.02 / 1Dt.I.02 / 1Dt. .2 / 1Dt.Itranian / 1Dt.Itranian / 1Set. Madrasa, Muhammad Zain Inni, 2021 Teacher and Educational Staff Director of Star Certificate of Sassuoi with implementation of assessment.

As a continuation of previous programs AKG, AKK and AKP 2020, AKGTK 2021 targets RA and madrasa teachers who did not participate in similar activities last year.

AKGTK 2021

So it is in the content of the letter within the line of words,

See the post on Facebook

Carre and Hori have to deliver the same as the recruits

1. For those who did not follow the narrative in 2020, all teachers including Madrasa Pala, Madrasa Supervisor and Trent subjects must follow AKGTK for RA, MI, MTS and MA levels.

Baka Pelixan AKG, AKK, AKP Ministry of Religion 2020 has been postponed and the reasons

Following are the dates of teachers participating in AKGTK 2021:

  • Rauddulul Atfal level teacher is covering RA class teachers
  • Madrasa Ibtidah- level teachers are covering MI class teachers
  • Professor Madrasa Sanawiyah and Professor Melituti Mapel conclude:
    • Math
    • Indonesian
    • English language
    • IPA
    • Adaptation advice
  • Alia Madrasa Professor Knight Pellaja researcher
    • Indonesian
    • English language
    • Easter
    • Biology
    • Chemical
    • Business
    • Adaptation advice
  • Mac Level Teacher, Militia Guru Bimbling Consulting
  • Heads of madrasas at MI, MTS and MA levels
  • Madrasa principal Md

According to Djr Pendis, Sabagimana teachers and education workers and current AKGTK 2020 non-participants will have to join the Manjadi Pendifatron to be awarded AKGTK 2021.

PDK Sympathy Any sympathy is available between November 1-15, 2021. If p is then you can pat pat pat pat right pat pat pat pat pat pat on

2. The names of AKGTK are the members of SIMPATIKA who will be announced between 1st November to 15th November, 2021;

At the end of AKGTK 2021, November 19 to 21, 2021 was set as the implementation period. Dardesinga / Ability was performed boldly in the Madrasa Education Unit.

3. AKGTK Competence Assessment Center (TAK) conducts madrasa classes in the relevant district / town of Sataras;

4. The Provincial Office of the Ministry of Religion shall appoint Tak Young AKGTK Pelixana as a place and register it in SIMPATIKA;

5. Implementation of AKGTK will be carried out simultaneously across Indonesia from 19 to 21 November 2021, in accordance with the Kovid-19 protocol, the Kovid-19 Working Group is established in the respective regions. Therefore, each masking area needs to be coordinated with the work team.

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B-3868 / DJ.I / Dt.I.II / HM.00 / 11/2021 Date of completion of implementation of teacher assessment due to letter dated November 2, 2021 from Director General of Education. And in 2021 RA-level education workers joined 20 AKGTK as teachers.

RA, MI, MTs and MAs and Madrasa managers and Madrasa supervisors who support AKGTK are also available to download and download Teacher Competency Assessment and GTKig1 .

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