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Unduh Daftar Penerima PIP 2022 Tahap I (MI)

Sunday, May 29, 2022 | May 29, 2022 WIB Last Updated 2022-05-30T04:02:25Z

Download the list of recipients of the Smart Indonesia Program (PIP) Sponsorship Fund for Islamic School Students in 2022. The list of recipients of public services of PIP for school students is a list of recipients of the first phase of PIP 2022 specifically for primary school students throughout Indonesia. For other students of the school, msc and masters, they still generate account numbers in the route banks.

As quoted by RakyatPos.ID from the page, this time the Ministry of Religion started to pay PIP School Aid Funds for the first phase, according to the Director of KSKK Madrasah at the Ministry of Religion, M Ishom Yusqi implemented by 778,195 primary school students (IM) with a total budget of IDR 336 billion.

Daftar Penerima PIP 2022 Tahap I (MI)

As per the 2022 PIP guidelines, for the primary school level , students who benefit from the PIP will receive a grant of Rs 450,000. Especially for the students in class 6, they will only get half.

Who are the students of the Creative School who achieved the first phase of the PIP 2022?

The Director of the KSKK School, the General Directorate of Islamic Education of the Ministry of Religion, has Resolution No. 2131 of 2022 issued regarding the appointment of students of the Al-Ibdaa School as beneficiaries of the first phase of the Social Assistance Program Smart Indonesia for fiscal year 2022.

This decree accompanies 34 annexes containing the names of MI students receiving PIP assistance for each province of Indonesia.

This list of beneficiaries is of course also based on the PIP Expiration that was done some time ago from the school level.

Read: Brochure on the payment of the first phase of the Project Implementation Plan (PIP) 2022

East Java became the province with the largest number of beneficiaries, 179,956 students with a total attendance of Rs 70,418,475,000. It is followed by Central Java with 179,442 students worth Rs 70,960,725,000, and third through fifth are West Java (122,480 students), Aceh (46,060 students) and North Sumatra (respectively 31,020 students).

Meanwhile, the provinces with the fewest number of PIP beneficiaries were North Kalimantan with 574 students, Bangka Belitung Islands (810 students), North Sulawesi (1361 students).

Here is a summary of the number of MI students benefiting from PIP Phase 1 by district:

  1. Aceh: 46,060 students benefited, worth IDR 1,847,925,000
  2. North Sumatra: 31,020 students benefited, worth Rp12,357,450,000
  3. West Sumatra: 6,010 beneficiary students worth Rs 2,433,600,000
  4. Riau: 9,015 students benefited, worth IDR 3,668,400,000
  5. Jambi: 5,388 beneficiary students, worth IDR 2,184,075,000
  6. South Sumatra: 14,602 male and female students worth IDR 582,8175,000
  7. Bengkulu: 3,997 for the benefit of students, worth IDR 1,615,950,000
  8. Lampung: 25,920 students benefiting from a value of Rs 10,251,675,000
  9. DKI Jakarta: 10,160 beneficiary students, worth IDR 3,887,550,000
  10. West Java: 122,480 students benefited, worth Rp 48,723,525,000
  11. Central Java: 179,442 students benefit from a value of Rp70,960,725,000.
  12. DI Yogyakarta: 8,047 beneficiary students, worth IDR 3,224,250,000
  13. East Java: 179,956 students benefited, worth Rs. 7,418,475,000
  14. West Kalimantan: 9,332 students benefited, valued at Rs 3,767,400,000
  15. Central Kalimantan: 4,439 students benefited, worth IDR 1,745,775,000
  16. East Kalimantan: 2,157 students benefited, worth IDR 866,475,000
  17. South Kalimantan: 13,309 students, valued at IDR 5,296,950,000
  18. Bali: 2,548 students benefited for a value of 1,011,600,000 rupees.
  19. West Nusa Tenggara: 2,6645 students benefited, worth Rs 10,503,900
  20. East Nusa Tenggara: 5,827 students benefited, worth Rs 2,357,325,000
  21. South Sulawesi: 1,8,481 students benefited, worth IDR 7,393,950,000
  22. Central Sulawesi: 4,700 students benefited, worth Rs 1,903,500,000
  23. North Sulawesi: 1,361 students benefited, worth IDR 537,975,000
  24. South East Sulawesi: 4,343 students benefited, worth IDR 1,738,575,000
  25. Maluku: 3,725 students benefited, worth Rs 1,487,025,000.
  26. Papua: 2,214 students benefit from a value of Rs.912,600,000
  27. Northern Maluku: 2,312 students benefited, worth Rs941,625,000
  28. Pantene: 21,702 students benefit in the amount of Rs 8,698,500,000
  29. Bangka Belitung Islands: 810 students benefit worth Rs 327.6 million
  30. Gorontalo: 3,336 beneficiary students worth IDR 1,355,625,000
  31. Western Sulawesi: 4,786 students benefit from Rs 1,902,150,000
  32. Riau Islands: 1,596 beneficiary students worth Rp628,200,000
  33. West Papua: 1,901 students benefited, worth IDR 7,45,425,000
  34. North Kalimantan: 574 students benefited, worth Rs 240,075,000

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Download the list of beneficiaries of the first phase of PIP 2022

To see the list of beneficiaries of the PIP phase I 2022 aid for the primary level, listed by name, you can consult the annex to Resolution No. Program 2022. Attached to this decision is RakyatPos.ID obtained from the pipmadrasah page.

Download the list by provinces through the following button

After knowing the names of the recipients according to the MI Level 1 Phase 1 PIP recipient list, now contact the District/City Debt Department Debt Office and Distribution Bank, as indicated in the appendix, for the provision of PIP assistance funds.

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